How to Bind Two Arrays to DatagridView in WPF C# – Programming, Pseudocode Example, C# Programming Example
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How to Bind Two Arrays to DatagridView in WPF C#

In WPF, you can bind a DataGrid control to multiple arrays by using a MultiBinding. Here is an example of how to bind two arrays, “array1” and “array2”, to a DataGrid:

  1. In your XAML code, create a DataGrid and give it a name, for example “myDataGrid”.
  2. Create a MultiBinding object and set its Converter property to a class that implements the IMultiValueConverter interface. This class will be responsible for merging the two arrays into a single collection that can be bound to the DataGrid.
  3. In the XAML, define a binding for each array and set their Source property to the array’s name.

In your C# code, set the DataContext of the DataGrid to an instance of a class that has properties for the two arrays.

Create the ArrayConverter class

This should bind the two arrays to the DataGrid, with each array being displayed in its own column.

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