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String Encryption and Decryption in C#

In this example, we will learn at implementing the cryptography object in C# to encrypt and decrypt information, either passwords or connection strings and prevent unauthorised eyes from prying at your passwords.   C# Code:...


Working With Files in C#

Working With Files The File class from the System.IO namespace, allows us to work with files: 12345  using System.IO;  // include the System.IO namespace File.SomeFileMethod();  // use the file class...

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Relational Operators in C#

Relational operators are used to check the relationship between two operands. If the relationship is true the result will be true, otherwise it will result in false. Relational operators are used in decision making and loops. C#...


Polymorphisme in C#

The term polymorphism indicates the ability to define methods and properties of the same name, so that, for example, a derived class can redefine a base class method with the same name. Let’s continue to use our Person and...


Exceptions and Exception Handling in C#

So far, we have never talked about error handling in C #. Simplifying, an error is the occurrence of an unexpected situation when running a program. Errors in the .NET world, in the best object-oriented tradition (Java, C ++, etc...