C# Read Excel File Into DataTable – Programming, Pseudocode Example, C# Programming Example
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C# Read Excel File Into DataTable

In this example, we will fill some data into a datatable from excel application.
We created this DataTable example using with COM Object ( C# Read Excel File into DataTable without OleDb)

Berfore the creating codes, here is the examples screenshot


C# read Excel file

Step 1: For importing Excel to DataTable with Interop ,we have to  references Excel namespace to the project.


Step 2: Given this the using alias of Excel.


Step 3: Creating COM object referances and DataTable

Step 4: … and checking Excel program is exists

Step 5: Creating book, pages and range  variables

Step 6: Calculating rows and cols.

Converting Excel to DataTable in C#

Step 6: Define DataTable name and column names


Step 7: Reading step by step cols and rows into DataTable.

Step 8: Reading data from DataTable

Step 9: After reading, relase the excel project.


Here are the all codes:


Sources: I used to this articles for reading excel file and filling into datatable

Reading Excel file in C# Console Application

C# DataTable Examples


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  • I’m very impressed with the way you explained all the code. Hope you can keep sharing information like this in the future. I’m starting with C# and I’m overwhelmed with the libraries part of the code.

    Unfortunately the Microsoft Excel 15.0 Object Library is not available. I do have a office 16.0 Object Library. I Added it, but I keep having errors related with the excelApp namespace.

    What is wrong?
    Thank you.

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