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DataTable in C# With Examples

A DataTable is a powerful class in the System.Data namespace that can be used to store and manipulate tabular data in a C# program. It provides a convenient way to work with data in a structured way, and it offers a variety of...


How to Kill a Thread in C#

This program creates a Thread object and uses it to run a method in a separate thread. The method is defined in a class called ThreadingClass, which has a DoStuff method and a Stop method. The DoStuff method prints a message to...


Demonstrate the iList Interface in C#

This program defines a method Display that takes an IList<int> (an interface for a list of integers) as its parameter. The Main method creates an array of integers and a List<int> object, and it calls the Display...

C# Enum

How to Cast Integer to Enum in C#

Here is an example of how you can cast an integer to an enum in C#: C# public enum Season { Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter } int num = 2; Season season = (Season)num; console.WriteLine(season); // Output: Fall 1234567891011121314...


C# Inheritance with Example

Inheritance is an important concept in object-oriented programming, and C# supports it through the use of classes. Inheritance allows you to create a new class that is a modified version of an existing class. The new class is...