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Create Excel File Using C# Console Application

In this tutorial, we create an excel file in C# Console Application

Reading Excel file read  Reading Excel file in C# Console Application post

Firstly, we must add  COM reference that name is “Microsoft Excel Object” from the right side in solution explorer.

Step 1: Rigth click  on References then click Add Reference

Step 2: Click COM and Search for Excel library. Then use Microsoft Excel Object Library ( Maybe version will be changed on your computer)

Step 3: Add those using to alias


Step 4: Enter message and filename for sample


Step 5: Create Excel Application sample object


Step 6: Check if Excel is installed

Step 7: Create a new excel book and sheet


Step 8: Then add a sample text into first cell


Step 9: Save the opened excel book to custom location. Dont forget, you have to add to exist location and you cant add to directly C: root.


Step 10: This is Importent for free memory and excel file. Release the Excel Object as this


All of the  Codes that for Creating Excel File in C# Console Application





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