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Permutation and Combination Calculator in C#

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to Print all possible combinations of r elements in a given array of size n in C# Console Application. 

Permutations and combinations are part of a branch of mathematics called combinatorics, which involves studying finite, discrete structures. Permutations are specific selections of elements within a set where the order in which the elements are arranged is important, while combinations involve the selection of elements without regard for order.


The calculator provided computes one of the most typical concepts of permutations where arrangements of a fixed number of elements r, are taken from a given set n. Essentially this can be referred to as r-permutations of n or partial permutations, denoted as nPrnPrP(n,r), or P(n,r)among others.



Combinations are related to permutations in that they are essentially permutations where all the redundancies are removed (as will be described below), since order in a combination is not important. Combinations, like permutations, are denoted in various ways including nCrnCrC(n,r), or C(n,r)





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