Change PictureBox Image Using ComboBox in C# – Programming, Pseudocode Example, C# Programming Example
C# Windows Form

Change PictureBox Image Using ComboBox in C#

In this example, i’ll show you how to change image using ComboBox in C# Windows Form App.

Step 1:

Create a windows application and design the form as follows.

Open Visual Studio ->File -> New Project ->Visual C#-> select Windows Forms Application

Give the name of the application and click on OK.

Step 2:

Set the following properties for the controls on the form.

comboBox1>> Name : cmbImage

pictureBox1>> Name : pictureBox1 SizeMode : StretchImage

Step 3:

Right-Click on the project node in the Solution Explorer window and select Add>>New Folder.

Drag and drop your images into Images Folder.

C# Code >> Form_Load

C# Code>>cmbImage_SelectedIndexChanged


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