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Reverse an Integer in C#

In this program you will learn how to reverse an integer number in C# language. The program takes the number by the user, then displays the reversed number on the screen. For example, if the user enters 678 as input, 876 is...

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C# Basic Programming Examples

C# Examples on Fundamental Mathematical Operations 1) C# Program to Check whether the Entered Number is Even or Odd This is a C# Program to check whether the entered number is even or odd. Problem Description This C# Program...


How to Encrypt/Decrypt a File in C#

In this tutorial I will guide you How to Encrypt/Decrypta File in C#, with examples and Demo code, you can download for use. The Decrypt method decrypts an encrypted file. Only account that has encrypted a file can decrypt a file...


Delete a File in C#

In this post will guide you How to Delete a File in C#, with examples and Demo code, you can download for use. The Delete method deletes the specified file permanently. The following code snippet deletes a file:...


How to Get Project Root Directory in C#

Now in this tutorial, we will learn How to Get Root Directory in C #. The GetRootDirectory method returns the root directory of the specified directory. The code below, we will learn how to get root directory of given directory...