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Java for loop Examples

The For Loop

When you need to iterate over a block of code a fixed number of times, the for statement provides a good deal of flexibility. In essence, you are able to specify how many times a block of code repeats itself, as well as the terminating condition.

Without belaboring the point, here is a sample of the syntax:

All your old C and C++ tricks still hold when building a Java for statement. You can create complex terminating conditions, build endless loops, loop in reverse (via the operator), and use the goto, continue, and break jump keywords.


Java for Loop Examples

Example 1: Program to print a sentence 10 times.


Example 2: Program to find the sum of natural numbers from 1 to 1000.


Example 3: Program to print the numbers from 10 to 1.


Example 4: Printing Odd numbers between 1 and  limit that is given by user


Example 5: Printing Even numbers between 1 and  limit that is given by user


Example 6: Infinite for Loop


Example 7: Calculate Average value of Array elements


Example 8: Declare multiple variables in for loop


Example 9: Fibonacci Series Java Example


Example 10: Generate Pyramid For a Given Number


Example 11: For loop example to iterate an array


Example 12: Finding factorial using for loop


Example 13: Program to calculate the sum of natural numbers using for loop


Example 14: Java Palindrome Number Example


Example 15: Java Pyramid 1 Example


Example 16: Java Pyramid 2 Example


Example 17: Java Pyramid 3 Example


Example 18: Java Pyramid 4 Example











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