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Creating SQLite Database and Table in C# Console

In this tutorial I will show  you step by step how to create a SQLite database and how to add a table in the database in C# Console Application.

Before  open and download SQLite DLL in your solution for connectting  to sqlite database  in C#, And you will learn step by step how to do this.


Step 1: Open Visual Studio and create a C# Console Application. File / New /  Project  -> C# / C# Console Application.


Step 2: Right click on the “Soliton Name” in the Soliton Explorer. Soliton explorer is on the right handside on the Visual Studio. If you can’t see Soliton explorer , click on the View Menu and you will see Solution Explorer in the View Menu.

After right clicking the Solution Name, click Manage Nuget Package… as in the following


Step 3 : Find the SQLite into Nuget packages and click install button.


Step 4: Create Sample class as following images.


Step 4: If database does not exist, CreateDatabaseAndTable method will automatically create the database and tables. If database exists, there are no affect any tables and the database.  (C# SQLite Create Table if not exists )

And don’t forget, creating SQLiteConnection, SQLCommand objects before the CreateDatabaseTable


Step 5: If you want to add some data and select them in the C# Console add  this methods in the Sample class.


Step 6: From the end of the Sample class will be as follows


Step 7: In main method you can add some data and query them





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