Bulk Insert Into SQLite in C# – Programming, Pseudocode Example, C# Programming Example

Bulk Insert Into SQLite in C#

In this tutorial I’ll show you How to make your SQLite bulk inserts  in C#. This is the fastest way to insert millions of records in SQLite Database.

In SQLite if you insert one record at a time then they are wrapped in individual transactions. If you want to insert a lot of records, you should insert them (ex: 20K inserts) in single SQLite transaction.

For adding records, lets open Visual Studio  and start coding.

Open Visual Studio and create a C# Console Application. File / New /  Project  -> C# / C# Console Application.


Right click on the “Soliton Name” in the Soliton Explorer. Soliton explorer is on the right handside on the Visual Studio. If you can’t see Soliton explorer , click on the View Menu and you will see Solution Explorer in the View Menu.

After right clicking the Solution Name, click Manage Nuget Package… as in the following


Find the SQLite into Nuget packages and click install button.


Here are the sample codes:






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