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FileStream in C# with Examples

The FileStream is a class used for reading and writing files in C#. It is part of the System.IO namespace. To manipulate files using FileStream, you need to create an object of FileStream class. This object has four parameters; the Name of the File, FileMode, FileAccess, and FileShare.

C# FileStream example: writing single byte into file

Let’s see the simple example of FileStream class to write single byte of data into file. Here, we are using OpenOrCreate file mode which can be used for read and write operations.



C# FileStream example: writing multiple bytes into file

Let’s see another example to write multiple bytes of data into file using loop.


C# FileStream example: reading all bytes from file

Let’s see the example of FileStream class to read data from the file. Here, ReadByte() method of FileStream class returns single byte. To all read all the bytes, you need to use loop.


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