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Remove Object From a List in C#

For Deleting Object from a list, Remove method must be used.
Remove Method deletes the value to be deleted. If the value to be deleted is more than one in the list, it removes the first value.  This method is often used to remove values with reference types. But it can also be used with value types.

Following example we creates a student class. Then we create a list in Main method and fill it some student object. Then for instance we find some students by name, we delete them in linq with remove method.

In solution 1, problem solved by Linq, in solution 2 problem solved by decreasing for loop and COUNT, in solution 3  problem solved by ascending for loop and CAPACITY. In solution 2 and 3 you can remove object while iterating Collection in C#

Student Class

Solution 1: Main Method:

Solution 2: Main:


Solution 3 Main:  If you want to for loop by increment value, use CAPACITY instead of COUNT




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